Highland Dirk
Highland Dirk

Highland Dirk

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The Highland Dirk (Gaelic "Biodag") evolved from a popular Renaissance era knife known as the Ballock dagger and has been in continuous use and wear since the early 1600's. The Dirk is still considered high fashion to wear as part of Highland Dress to a formal occasion.

Our traditional style Scottish Dirk featuring thistle details to the handle and mounts, a Stainless Steel blade and a black leather sheath.

The top of the Dirk can be adorned with the following:

  • Clan Crest Top
  • Stone Top - Amethyst, Blue, Green, Cairngorm or Black
  • Celtic 'Compass Top'

The Clan Crest Top also has the below options (please write the name in the supplied Clan box)

  • Scottish Thistle
  • Piper
  • Saltire
  • Shamrock
  • Rampant Lion

Overall Length: 46cm (18") approximately.

A magnificent presentation box is included which makes this Highland Dirk ideal as an extra special gift. 

The Highland Dirk's are ordered in on purchase and are not kept in physical stock.